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  • Bacchus is set within a valley surrounded on all sides by impenetrable mountains. Within these lands you will find monsters and soldiers, destroyers and builders of civilization. The vicious inventors here take no mercy. They have no moral compass and take what they desire, seeking to profit from the world in whatever way they can. The wolves here praise those of a breed of their own creation as righteous, pure, and perfect. None from beyond may breed into their ranks unless they will further the cause and those that are allowed in are mistrusted.
  • The Barbary Coast is a region on a peninsula on the northern coast of the land. It is a rocky coastline filled with monstrous living in various family groups, following the unspoken law for embracing the original wolf, the true wolf - that which the outside world fears as Feral Dire. This land is massive and includes many family-packs of feral dires who follow laws created ICly and enforce the law of the feral. Those who try to enter the land of Ferals who are not feral in blood often face violent aggressive forces.
  • Deep in the piney stronghold of a mountain valley lies The State, home of the Hounddut. For many decades now they have lived in relative seclusion, only venturing out to steal slaves from their dens and pillage food from weaker rivals. Those that have managed to slip back into the world tell tales of something new and strong rising up steadily under the ignorant gaze of their neighbors. Something within these walls is growing powerful, growing smart, with a goal to one day correct the world from its grievous freedom.
  • The Expanse is no place and every place. It is the land between large packs, where smaller packs tuck in and divide up the smaller portions of the world as their own. These packs are ever changing and moving and are limited only by the amount of land they manage to piece together and hold.
  • For all alternate universe roleplays. You can play anything in here, from werewolves to dragons to people. Nothing roleplayed in here counts as "forum canon," meaning this board is completely cut off of the continuity of the rest of the roleplay boards.

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Spring! 3-22-2016 - Spring has arrived in the land of BDF!
New Board Pack 2-4-2016 - A new pack known as The State is now residing in a southern lake area. What's so special about this "State," do you ask? They're trying to breed back dogs, believing that dogs were always stronger, wiser, and better than wolves.
Theme Update 2-4-2016 - Some adjustments were made to the theme. If you don't like these changes and want to go back, there is an almost identical version of the old theme under "Reto Pseudologica Fantasic."
Winter Weather 1-23-2016 - A winter snow storm is moving through Terra, bringing snow of upwards of two feet to areas. Find shelter and wait out the storm, if you can.
Expanse News 01-14-2016 - A tigress by the name of Naahirajah is roaming the Expanse, searching for allies to create a refuge for outlaws.
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High Position UFA 12-15-2015 - The canon character and Bacchus HP Labrys is up for adoption currently.
Winter Note 12-10-2015 - Do you want to take part in the Secret Santa art event? Sign up here.
The Growth 12-08-2015 - The disease is spreading, still unnoticed by packs. Will it be too late by the time it is detected?
Site News 11-22-2015 - New theme set up and made default. Again, please feel free to bring up any concerns or suggestions.
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